Phelicia's story:

We now had Joy, Lana (and during the week Bobbie). When we got Lana we had the intention to keep it to these dogs, 2 is enough and then came the BUT. When we had Lana for a while we decided to go to a show, we never had the desire to achieve
much but we thought it would be fun to see how we would like to show.
When Lana became BOB after the 2nd time it was a reason to see how much further she could go. Lana seemed to do very well in the world of dog showing and precisely because of the shows, we started thinking about maybe having a litter with Lana. How
much fun would it be to have a litter of those little puppies. After we decided to become a breeder, it itched a lot to keep a puppy. How nice it would be to have a
pup from your own dog! That seemed wonderful, the idea of having another dog was
born. We started the search for a suitable male (it took a long time), not many males met our wishes but then Dallas turned up. Dallas had everything we were looking for in a studdog. We made contact with the owner of Dallas. We were not in a hurry
because we thought that Lana would not be in heat yet, that was really a mistake, because a few days after we had agreed with the owner of Dallas, Lana started her heat on our wedding day. The mating and the pregnancy both went well. On October 22nd
October we noticed that it wouldn't take long anymore before she would give birth to the puppies, around half past 12 Lana woke me up to tell me I had to stay with her (I was sleeping on the couch near her). I then grabbed a blanket and lay down next to her on the floor. At 00.02 it
was time, I woke Tom and 5 min later the 1st puppy was born a handsome male, the 2nd puppy followed quickly. It was a very beautiful girl! You guessed it, it was Phelicia. There I was in the bench with Lana and 2 newborn puppies, the puppies had to go to the whelping box under the heat lamp. So I grabbed the 2 puppies and quickly walked to the whelping box, Lana of course came after me
because I had her puppies. Once she was in the whelping box all was well and a total of 11 puppies
were born knowing 6 males and 5 females. We would keep a bitch from the litter so we had
enough choice but actually it was clear very quickly that Phelicia was the puppy that would stay with us. The
girl with the most silver coat and who very quickly found out how she could tie Tom and me around her
leg. Over and over again Phelicia was the first to come and lie down with me and cuddle. Really
all 11 puppies were (and are) so wonderful, but that girl had chosen us and we totally agreed with her choice! She had stolen our hearts. The best thing about a pup from a litter that is born and raised
in your own home is that you can see them grow up from the first moment. Literally born in my hands and experience all the steps and milestones. That feeling is indescribable. The weeks went by and the feeling became more and more clear that Phelicia was going to be part of our pack. When all the puppies were sleeping together in the pen, Phelicia decided to escape from the pen (she was the only one who could and did) and lay down with Mama, Auntie Joy and us. Phelicia didn't want to be with her brothers and sisters anymore but with us. This time we didn't pick the puppy but the puppy picked us and we haven't regretted this choice for a moment. Phelicia is a sweet but also very feisty lady who knows very well what she wants. She is very pack-oriented and a real cuddler. The most silver of the litter (still) and although she was a tough cookie in the first few weeks, she later got the role of the smallest puppy! This little puppy

she would not remain for long. In the meantime, Phelicia has grown into a sweet, beautiful adolescent girl with a
pitchy character. She is unique just like our other dogs and she is ours!