Damiano's story:

This story starts the same way as with Phelicia only it was never our plan that Damiano would (continue to) live with us. As a puppy Damiano was a lovely guy but keeping a male between the females would just not be practical so from the time Lana was pregnant we already made the choice to keep a female. Damiano was already obstructive when he was born. Generally the head or the butt is born first but Damiano came out crosswise, first his back and immediately after that the rest of his body, he was born as a 9th puppy. Damiano was in the litter a quiet and sweet puppy (his name means calm/tame) but when the puppies got their first solid food it was Damiano who pushed his belly through the whole bowl of milk porridge. Head and body full of porridge and it went on like that even more often afterwards. He knew how to eat fast and a lot, so it happened that he was the biggest puppy that left us for his new home. On Christmas Eve Damiano was picked up by his new owners. He was taken in by his new family full of love and he got all the attention he deserved. At his new owners place Damiano got the name Wolf and he did this name justice! After a nice period with his owners unfortunately something happened in the private situation of his owners which made the care for him more and more difficult, for this reason they contacted us to see what the best solution would be. In mutual agreement we decided that he would come to us temporarily he was 5 months old at the time. We went to pick up Damiano and immediately he was accepted in the pack, the first night he did not like his own bench so he could sleep with the other dogs which went well. It soon felt like a real pack, it also clicked immediately with Bobbie and Bella. Bella and Damiano are real friends. The days became weeks and the weeks became months, we still didn't know if Damiano would return but in the meantime we, the children and the other dogs had come to love him very much. Damiano also started to love us, Stephanie (me) can't even leave the room or he misses me already. Everywhere I go Damiano is there. He is a wonderful, big and also a bit clumsy guy but he is so much fun! He loves to cuddle but he also loves to play with the other dogs and children. Then came the big word: unfortunately Damiano could not go back to his owners because that would be the best thing for him. It was clear to us after the liberating word, Damiano will stay here with us and he has found his for-ever home, our little crazy man is in our hearts and will stay here forever! It's strange how things work out, it was never the intention to get another dog (already) but we have enough love left to give to him! Wolf is now called Damiano again because we like the fact that he carries his pedigree name and he was still young enough to get used to this name. This handsome guy has also managed to sleep in the bedroom with us, because he has severe separation anxiety. He is doing great and is already a big, handsome guy. .

WE are the proud owners of Damiano!!!