To get extra “cool” puppies, we apply the following method to our puppies.

Bio Sensor program for Early Neurological stimulation for puppies.
(from the 3rd day after birth to the 16th day after birth)

1. Hold the puppy in one hand, with the other hand gently tickle with a cotton swab between all the toes 3 – 5 sec (You don't have to see that the puppy reacts to the tickling…)

2. Hold the puppy upright (head up) with both hands for 3 – 5 sec.

3. Hold the puppy firmly with both hands upright with head down for 3-5 seconds.

4. Have the puppy lie on its back in the palm of both hands for 3-5 seconds. (the puppy may struggle a bit).

5. Moisten a cloth and place the puppy's belly on the cold cloth for about 3 – 5 seconds. The puppy may struggle.


Applying this method ensures:
1. More stable heart rate
2. Stronger Heart Rate
3. Faster production of adrenaline (necessary to perform)
4. Better able to deal with stress (and stress breaks down vitamin C, which is necessary for the construction of collagen, a building material for bones and connective tissue. Indirectly as an extra advantage; stronger bones.)
5. Higher resistance to diseases

For the full report/investigation: CLICK HERE

Source: DR. CL Battaglia