Lana, how it all began....

Lana is our Saarlooswolfdog born 07-05-2017

Although we were very happy with Joy we still missed something. We wanted a dog, not only for ourselves but also for Joy. When Bobbie wasn't there we noticed that Joy missed a playmate which we as humans couldn't replace.

Our very first meeting with Lana was on Whit Monday, the puppies were 4 weeks and 1 day old. After a very good but also very pleasant conversation with the breeders, Tom and I were allowed to sit with the puppies. What a beautiful and cute puppies, every single one of them. Lana was not as curious and enthousiastic as all the other puppies but something attracted me to her. This I already had from the pictures I had seen beforehand. I had already set my mind on this gray girl, but I found it more important that the character would fit with us, so open minded, we sat with the puppies. My eye kept falling on that beautiful girl, because she was (and is) so handsome. But also all the other puppies had something that attracted me although in a different way but each of them would be welcome with us. We knew that we had to keep in mind that there was a chance that none of the puppies would find the "golden basket" with us, with a head full of information and a heart filled with love we went back home. The exciting time would begin, would we get a puppy or maybe not. The days went by so slowly. Monday we would go and see the puppies again, we would know more then. Those nights I slept very poorly my feeling and mind were not in line. My mind told me not to hope too much that a puppy would come and live with us but my heart said: "that beautiful gray girl will come and live with you". My feeling won it from my intellect. I already started looking for nice puppy stuff and I also made a collage photo of the girl I so much hoped would come and live with us. By the way, her full name was Sada Lobo de La Luna Llena.

My feelings and reason kept clashing, but I really could not let go of her, I would only be able to do that when I would hear with my own ears that she was not coming to live with us. And maybe we would get a puppy but not Sada, there also was another beautiful girl who maybe would come to us.

Sunday, June 11, we had a busy day and the day after we would go and see the puppies again. That day there were 2 birthdays planned, which was nice so I could at least take my mind off things. Arriving at the first birthday it was very pleasant, not knowing that my day would become much better. I suddenly received a message from the breeder if I could call her, it was about the choice of the puppies. My heart almost burst out of my chest, with all the courage I had, I made the call. Would it be good news? Or would it not be good at all? Would we be able to go and see them tomorrow or is it already certain that no puppy will come to us? Then the phone was answered, and I was asked what our preference was. I honestly admitted that our preference was with Sada, the other bitch is also a real sweetheart but we felt Sada would suit us better. Then I got the redeeming word: "We indeed think that Sada will suit you best, Sada comes to you" I heard that really well, yes I heard it really well. It is a good thing that Sascha (the breeder) could not see through the phone because that would have looked ridiculous, I was dancing in the street like a fool and I tried to be as calm as possible over the phone but I do not think that really worked. Then I got to tell Tom the good news but hey I've been in tension too so I'll leave him in uncertainty too. With my face tight I walked up to him, he thought we would not get a puppy, then I couldn't hold it any longer and said enthusiastically: "Sada is coming to live with us!!!!" Nothing could ruin that day.

June 12, we were allowed to go and see the puppies again, this time we went with a completely different feeling. We now knew that Sada would become ours!

Excited we went on our way, just a little more and I would see our girl again. It was again a very pleasant afternoon, the breeders are such nice people! The feeling was good, we got a beautiful puppy and we immediately had a click with the breeders.

Sada had changed a lot in a week, but she only got more beautiful and more beautiful. Last time we hadn't taken any pictures because we didn't know yet if we would have a puppy, but now I went completely crazy with taking pictures!

As you can see, I already have the name Lana on the next collage. After we visited Sada again we decided to give her another name. We have thought about this very well. Lana is a combination of Luna (the name of the mother dog) and Sada, Lana also has a meaning it means "attractive" so from now on it was "Lana Sada Lobo de la Luna Llena" which means "the attractive pure wolf of the full moon.

Again, we had agreed to come back and see them again a week later.

In this week I went crazy ordering toys, collars and all kinds of other fun things. In this way time went a little faster for me.

A week later, Lana was now 6 weeks. It would now only be a few weeks before she would come to us.

Again we had a very pleasant afternoon and this time we also enjoyed dinner. This afternoon we cuddled a lot with our girl and what a sweetheart she is. Many pictures were taken so I could cope for another week.

Days and weeks can sometimes take a long time, I was so happy but at the same time it took a long time before we could finally pick up Lana. Luckily we were allowed to come by every week to cuddle our little girl, which we did. At 7 weeks we would come and see her one last time before we would pick her up. Again we decided to have a nice dinner with her. Every week when we are there we stayed longer than intended but that is also because it is always so cozy and this has not only to do with the puppies. On this day we also agreed that we would pick up Lana on Sunday (02-07-2017) she would be exactly 8 weeks. Now the real countdown began.

Almost a week later we were finally able to pick up Lana! That day we were very busy so luckily the time went by very quickly. At 14.00 hours we arrived, after chatting for a while the moment was finally there to take Lana home. A whole new adventure was about to begin. Super fun but also exciting, the same questions as with Joy. Would all go well with the other dogs and would Lana be able to get used to us. The trip went reasonably well, Lana was a bit nauseous and had to throw up in the car. Once she got to her new home she laid down comfortably. 

I then went to pick up Joy from my parents' house and Tom went with Lana to the loose-leash field. Fortunately, the introduction went very well. 

After the introduction we went home so that both dogs could relax and get used to each other. It was a tiring day for Lana but she did very well.

The second day Lana would get acquainted with Bobbie, again exciting how that would go but we had full confidence. The morning we just took it easy and we only left the house in the afternoon.

Hup dogs in the car and off we went. Lana sat with me in the front and Joy and Bobbie sat together in the trunk. We then drove to a piece of forest with a meadow where no one ever comes. In the beginning it took some getting used to for all 3 dogs but as soon as it was all right with all 3 dogs. It was nice to see how well they did.

The rest of the first week we didn't do too much, we did go for a walk with the dogs several times but mostly we gave Lana the chance to get used to the new environment, other dogs and especially other people around her. On Saturday evening we did go to the breeders, because Lana would be titrated on Sunday and we also wanted Joy to be titrated but of course it was important that Joy and Luna would also do well. And it certainly went well, all the dogs did very well and had a great time. The next day we were back for the titration. Everything went well that day and Lana got her vaccinations for the first time. We were all together, it was nice to see all the puppies again and Lana thought the same. The next few days we would take it easy again because Lana had gained a lot of impressions, but she did so well!

Soon we found out that Lana is very affectionate and that she became close friends with Joy. All our worries were over and we ourselves could now really enjoy because this little girl would stay with us for the rest of her life!