Joy, How it all started...

Joy is a very sweet, incredibly loyal and smart Swiss White Shepherd. Born 09-05-2016.Our first meeting it was love at first sight, when I saw that litter of white balls they were all so sweet but this ball stole my heart. No she was not the first to come to me but the moment I picked her up the spark was there. She looked at me with her beautiful eyes and held me like she was saying "you will be my boss".
Once we had made our choice the time was of course very long before we could actually pick up Joy. We would pick Joy up at 8 weeks. We had immediately asked the breeders if we could come and have a look a week later with the children. The children didn't know yet that there would be a puppy and we have kept our mouths shut all that week. This way the surprise would be extra big for the children. One week later, the time had finally come, we had made an excuse for the children and then we went on our way to Almere. Once there, the children did not understand at first what we were going to do there. But when they saw the puppies it became clear to them and Esmee and Quinten were overjoyed.
Then the fun could begin, we could start counting down, in 2 weeks our beautiful girl would finally arrive. We still had most of the stuff from Scooby but we still needed a bench (Bobbie has his own bench but Scooby was always with us in the bedroom or loose in the living room) of course we also needed toys and all kinds of other little things.Then we got a message from the breeder that something important had come up so we could not pick up Joy at 8 weeks, then we were asked whether we wanted to pick her up earlier at 7 weeks or later at 9 weeks. For us the choice was quickly made, then with 7 weeks. Then the time suddenly went very fast, Joy would come in a few days. Finally we were allowed to pick up Joy. That was an exciting but also very nice day. The hours seemed like an eternity, but once I held her in my arms, time seemed to stand still for a moment. She was finally ours and I didn't want to let her go. After a good car trip she arrived home immediately, but there was one more important thing we had to do, the acquaintance with Bobbie. That was also exciting. Tom then went with Bobbie to a large free-range field near us so that Bobbie could lose his energy first, a little later I came to the field with Joy. What a relief it went very well between those 2. The 1st week was mainly a week with a lot of impressions, but our girl did so well. We were and still are very proud of her. That week she also changed a lot after she was with us for a few days, her ears started to stand, immediately it was a completely different puppy to see.
The following weeks went better and better and she did super well. From week 8 we also started with the puppy course although this was a bit superfluous since we had already learned everything ourselves. Joy just loved to learn and she learned really fast. We also noticed very soon that she is very loyal and that she always wants to be with me. Sleeping in the bench was the only thing that didn't go so well. Joy didn't like it in the bench and whatever we tried it resulted in a puppy that was completely out of her mind. We then quickly decided that she would also sleep with us upstairs so that we would also have a bit of a sleep ourselves. During the day we still continued with the crate training.
The weeks flew by and Joy started to listen better and better she became more and more sweet but also more and more affectionate. She was an exemplary pup. Regularly we went for a nice walk with her and always in a different environment so she could get used to everything. The off-leash walks also went very well because Joy is very much focused on us. She had also learned many tricks, and the "potty" training was also going very well. She had hardly any accidents in the house.
In the week that Joy was 14Joy was also allowed to go on vacation for the first time. We stayed in the Netherlands on a campsite. Joy got all the attention of the camping guests. Everyone thought she was so beautiful and they were amazed how well our puppy listened already. And indeed, she did very well. Near our camp-site was a piece of nature where we could go for a walk with her, this was really fun. So far the story of Joy as a puppy.
We are now going to look at the present. Joy is still a beautiful dog, she can listen very well but at the moment she is also pubescent. Still you notice that she is very smart. When Joy was a puppy I couldn't go to the toilet by myself and that hasn't changed yet. Where I am, Joy is too. She opens all doors in the house and if necessary she can jump high. Joy as well as the boss and the little lady love to go out and about. Joy has also been on vacation in Italy which was really a fantastic vacation, we have really enjoyed each other.  Joy is still best friends with Bobbie but since a while she has a new friend, I expect that they will become 2 paws on 1 belly. I will place more pictures of Joy on the photo page, but to get ahead of that, here's a picture we took in Italy.