Valerio Del Urlando Lupo

Valerio means STRENGTH

Call Name: JAMBO



It's time!!!!
Full of pride we present to you:
Del Urlando Lupo "Primus"
The first litter of Lana (and us as a kennel).

The lucky father is Dallas Wakanda Tachunga.

Today at 0. 06, lana gave birth to the first puppy:
His name is: Valerio Del Urlando Lupo
Valerio stands for POWER
And "Del Urlando Lupo" stands for "The Howling Wolf".

So his full name stands for:
The POWER of The Howling Wolf

This name was given to him by
Nadine Deutsch the owner of Dallas.

After Valerio followed during the night, 10 more young fresh pups (whose names we will announce, 1 per day)
We will give 1 hint:
all males end in an O
all females end in an A

They are all healthy💪🏻 good weight and drink well.
Lana is doing well, she is a beautiful mother.

What was born:
Nr1. Male of 481gr light blue (Valerio)
Nr2. Female of 449gr purple
Nr3. Male of 432gr dark blue
Nr4. Female of 449gr light pink
Nr5. Male of 495gr green
Nr6. Female of 340gr fuchsia
Nr7. Male of 480gr brown
Nr8. Female of 342gr red
Nr9. Male of 377gr grey
Nr10. Female of 426gr orange
Nr11. Male dog of 446gr black

Sorry for the slightly red photos
With such a heat lamp you never make the best😅

There must be 1 first!
You were the first born weighing 481gr in the hands of Stephanie. You have grown a bit by now, almost 8.5 kilos💪🏻.
You got your (pedigree) name from Nadine (owner of daddy Dallas).
You are a nice sweet man who likes to cuddle!
You will be called JAMBO from now on☺️
Good luck to you friend we'll see each other again soon😉