Mateo Del Urlando Lupo

Mateo stands for GIFT

Call Sign: Mateo


There we are, arrived at puppy number 11!
Born at 7:14 on October 23.
Our last, the youngest of the bunch!
We proudly present to you:

Mateo Del Urlando Lupo
Mateo means gift 🤗

And a gift he was for sure🤗 During the final sprint of the delivery, when Lana went to take a nap to regain her strength, we went outside to get some fresh air after a long night. We already felt in her belly that there was still a puppy in it, but we didn't know how long this would last. Mateo was born within 3 minutes of being outside😅. We didn't see him coming. Lana brought him into this world completely independently. That's why he got this name because it really felt like a gift.
Mateo is a calm puppy, who does not come to ask for attention. But after drinking he always finds a nice spot with Mama Lana's cup. To fall asleep comfortably. He actually thinks everything is fine. As far as weight is concerned, Mateo sits nicely on the midline of all puppies with now over 900 grams.

The last of the day. We are half way💪🏻🙈
Your name means gift and you were to us! Just secretly born when we were outside for a while. You weighed 446gr at the time. By now you are already a big guy of almost 8.5 kilos💪🏻.
You are such a fun little guy to watch and play with. We only did cuddles when it suited YOU. Just on your lap that would only happen if you wanted it yourself😅.
Your last name del urlando lupo (the howling wolf) really did you honor the last few days 😂 what can you say! Have fun buddy at your new forever home you end up in a nice pack, and with a kind mate too😉🥰
We'll see you again soon! (And often, if I may believe your new owners)☺️