Liona Del Urlando Lupo

Liona stands for Strength

Call Sign: Nala


There we are again!
Another day further, so we proudly present you the next puppy of the team.
Liona Del Urlando Lupo
Liona means STRENGTH
So her full name stands for:
the POWER of The Howling Wolf.
And strength she has💪🏻 She is no stranger to climbing over Mama Lana after drinking.
But the strength is even more in her mind she often lays down with those who are a bit restless, and reassures them a bit by lying against them.☺️
Liona is in the middle of the nest in terms of weight and has already passed half a kilo.
Liona wears the light pink strap if you want to discover her in the photos or videos.

The last 2 still in the house 🐺🐺

These 2 are very evenly matched!
They are similar in so many ways😍
They both even had the same birth weight of 449 grams, down to the gram😅.
These ladies have had practically the same weight during the past few weeks. And also today they are only 20 grams apart and (so far) both end up with a weight of 7.8 kilos.
Their character is also almost the same☺️ the only thing that differs is that Liona can sometimes react a bit more fiercely.
And their fur and eyes differ a little bit, but they are almost exactly the same in build and head shape.
But Liona will not continue to be called Liona from now on she will go through life as NALA (almost like her mom Lana but then 2 letters mixed up)😁).
NALA will stay with us until she is 15 weeks old and then can cross the border!
Phelicia will continue to be called Phelicia and will continue to live with us😉
You will be seeing regularly from them in the near future🥰😘