Esta Del Urlando Lupo

Esta stands for STER

Call Sign: Esta


We have already arrived at puppy number 8🤗
A very sweet bitch who listens to the name:
Esta Del Urlando Lupo
Esta means Star

And a star she is🥰 a sweetheart first class. What can she say☺️ she won't just climb onto your lap by herself but when we pick her up for the 1-on-1 time, she almost crawls into you, so delicious.
She is now the "lightest" of the litter, not because she eats/drinks badly and does not gain weight, but because Bella (previously the lightest) gains weight so well🤗.

The last to fly out for now😥☺️
You were just 2 grams, almost the lightest of the bunch (only bella was lighter), with a birth weight of 342 grams. In the end you became the biggest of all ladies 💪🏻 with a final weight of more than 9 kilos. Esta is, and remains, your name! Named after our daughter Esmee😍🥰
Sweet baby you are, you like to cuddle and you also loved nibbling Tom's ear. You have a very well-developed "bite brake" and you know exactly how far you can go. Did you enjoy playing with your brothers and sisters, but you can also play very well alone, then lay down comfortably and could completely immerse yourself in your own game🥰.
You will certainly end up well with your new owners  you can go to work with your new boss when you're used to everything😉 don't make any mischief out of that😉 otherwise he will measure you a new haircut right away🤪🤣.
Be well my dear, lovely hug. We'll see each other again soon 😍🥰