Bella Del Urlando Lupo

Bella stands for ATTRACTIVE

Call Sign: Bella


There's 1 again🥰
We're finally halfway there. Puppy 6 makes her appearance.
Bella Del Urlando Lupo
Bella means attractive

She is certainly attractive. What a beautiful puppy she is. She likes to lie with her mom, well with… just say so. Bella has been the smallest of the litter from the start but certainly won't let her siblings overwhelm her, when it's milk time again she cleverly uses her "smaller" stature to make her way through the others.
Despite being the smallest, she has already passed the half-kilo mark.

And there went number 3😍 (well… kind of…🙈)
Beautiful pretty sweet girl☺️ (you live up to your name)
You were born first in the hands of Tom with a weight of 340gr. You were the "smallest" of the group for a long time but you left this behind and you have grown a lot 💪🏻 you now weigh about 7.4 kg!
You are very enterprising and independent!
You quickly got your name in 3-fold and everyone is called Bella-Bella-Bella🥰
We won't miss you soon😅 you live only 70 meters (as the crow flies) from us🥰
You will live with Bobbie and you will often be here in the house😍
Be well darling, be kind to bobbie and your new owners.