Vito Del Urlando Lupo

Vito stands for VIVID

Call Sign: Vito


We are almost half way😅
Today we would like to introduce puppy number 5.
Vito Del Urlando Lupo
Vito means VIVID

And lively he is for sure, strolls through the whole whelping box as if he has never done anything else, a nice active puppy. Vito was the largest/heaviest of the litter at birth, he happily continues that trend! What a nice guy. He is awake more often than the rest (despite his eyes still closed) and then likes to do his rounds around all the brothers and sisters.
Vito wears band green if you want to look for him in all photos

And the next to go to his new home.
You were born 5th, with the highest birth weight of all, 495 gr. You have now grown considerably to a beautiful 8 kilos!💪🏻
You are quite human oriented just like a few others, cuddling and cuddling on your lap. You also really liked to frolic and romp with your brothers and sisters. But that will be all right with your new HOME! You will end up in a beautiful pack where you are expected to be in the right place🥰.
take care buddy 😘 we'll see each other again soon😍